Bike Against a Yellow Wall
About The Author

My name is Kim and I am a wife married to the most patient, loving, kind man I have ever met. Anyone raising children knows that you adopt children into your life as time goes past so I truly could not give you an accurate number of children nor grandchildren. But on a biological standpoint, I have 5 biological children along with 6 grandchildren. I am a Midwest girl born & raised.

Some of my favorite hobbies are walking, crocheting, photography, writing, cooking, sitting by the lake, and binge-watching Netflix shows. I love to shop and deeply believe in supporting local stores in my community. I am a big online shopper. I also love to take pictures and write reviews for google. I am a local google guide going on 4 years now.

As the older generation would say my 5 children are grown and gone, but I am currently raising 4 of my grandchildren. Now, I thought raising the 1 st 5 was hard, oh my Lord, try doing it at the beautiful age of 52. Is there anyone else going through this? Then you are in the right place. Things have definitely changed. Let’s talk about it!