Take A Break You Are Not Alone I'm Raising My Grandkids To

Hey guys look, I’m a grandmother of 6, but I’m blessed to raise 4 of my grandchildren. Their ages range from 13 to 4. I’m 53 years young, and I’ve already raised my own 5 children. I’ve been raising my grandchildren for 13 years now. They call me mom, which made it easier to charade my situation. I guess because of shame and the fact that I felt like such a failure. Dealing with the situations that led me to raising them meant, I must have failed some way as a mother.

One day I was attending a school function and briefly speaking with the principle at our local elementary school, and she mentions other grandparents in the same situation. What, there are other grandparents raising grandkids? This blew my mind. Of course on TV you see certain scenarios of grandmothers raising a grandchild. You know just one, but to raise 4 sounded crazy to me.

This is where I came up with the ideal to create a community for grandparents raising grandkids. A community were we can learn to simplify our already complicated lives, share, love, and grow.

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